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LVPROC - Hospitality Procurement Management & Consulting.

LVPROC was founded by Ms. Liza Vaknin, who is a leading expert in the field.

Liza has over 30 years’ experience in senior management positions at top hotel chains and today is a leading expert in Corporate Procurement Management with know-how in many spectrums including Sourcing, Purchasing, Bidding and Project Management.

At LVPROC, we aim to achieve the highest standards in procurement.

Our customer’s vision and objectives are prioritized throughout each project. We provide comprehensive consulting and implementation of the corporate procurement process for new or renewed projects, while always keeping in mind the budget framework.

Our target is to achieve the highest standards. We implement an accurate and suitable work procedure at the beginning of the project and provide systematic monitoring throughout, which ensures maximization of all the resources, resulting in cost reductions, high quality upkeep and cost-benefit ratios.

  • Procurement Consultation in all areas 
  • Analyzing and examination the client’s existing procurement system 
  • Locating new products, state of the art solutions and procurement sources, locally and globally.
  • Budget management and control
  • Managing procurement tenders
  • Managing and handling the day-to-day import processes
  • Managing all contracts and agreements
  • Delivery and placement

LVPROC Professionalism, Efficiency, Reliability without compromise.

Why choose us

Budget Monitoring

Never go out of budget again and stay focused on the project

procurement consulting

Help reduce the purchasing cost base and deliver the savings back to company

tender negotiations

leave the hassle to us and let our experience fetch you the best procurement deals

Vendor Pre-Qualification

Help you establish and maintain the best and qualified vendors

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